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DEXON is a distributed ledger technology designed to solve the problems inherent in other blockchain systems. Learn more about what DEXON is, its offerings, and more.

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DEXON’s innovative Proof of Participation (PoP) avoids both the environmental problem of energy-hungry ASIC mining hardware in PoW blockchain systems and the problem of miner centralization involved in PoW and DPoS blockchain systems.


DEXON’S inter-chain bridging protocol is safe and efficient, making transactions between blockchain systems easy and seamless.


PoPo Chen


A 27-year-old serial entrepreneur with several successful exit. He founded 17 Media, a leading live streaming platform across Asia and sold at 200M USD valuation in 2 years. He also founded COBINHOOD, the world’s first zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange ranking top-30 in terms of trading volume all over the globe.

Wei-Ning Huang


Having worked for several years at Google, Wei-Ning specializes in building large-scale web applications with demanding throughput and availability. His passion for cryptocurrencies and deep understanding of blockchain technology comes from over 5 years of trading experience.

Jill Shih

Executive Director

Former VP of mobile product at Cheetah Mobile. Jill has 18+ years of solid experience in product management/development in mobile internet and software industries. Before DEXON, Jill built and managed cross-region teams in Cheetah Mobile, NQ Mobile, Microsoft and Trend Micro, in China, Taiwan and Japan. Prior to that, Jill also had hands-on software development experience at Sprint in the United States. As Executive Director of DEXON, Jill is focused on leading the team to make a mark in this world through onboarding world-class companies and projects onto DEXON DApps platform.

Hsuan Lee

VP Engineering

Hsuan is a software engineer and blockchain researcher that has been keeping a close eye on the advancements of blockchain tech since 2015. Previously Hsuan has been the director of front end development for COBINHOOD and has extensive software development experience from his work with Yahoo, Agoda, and 17 Media.

Po-Chun Kuo

Chief Scientist

Po-Chun is a cryptography and post-quantum cryptography expert with 7+ years of research experience. Po-Chun was formerly a research assistant at Academia Sinica in Taiwan and is known for his lattice-based cryptanalysis work. Currently Po-Chun works as a chief scientist for DEXON where he provides valuable experience, insights, and expertise regarding blockchain technology.

Nicky Chao

Blockchain Researcher

Nicky’s main research involves blockchain consensus systems, cryptography, and network security. Nicky has over 1.5 years worth of experience in cryptocurrency trading and believes that blockchain technology has great potential to disrupt the world in the near future.

Jimmy Hu

Senior Blockchain Developer

Jimmy is an experienced engineer with proven skill in C/C++, large-scale software development, and performance analysis. Before joining DEXON, he was working for world’s largest electronic design automation company, Synopsys, as a senior R&D Engineer. Jimmy has shown his great talent in software engineering at his young age as he won 1st place in 2 international programming contests like ISPD 2014 Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest and 2014 CADathlon at ICCAD.

Sonic Jhan

Senior Blockchain Developer

Sonic is a back end engineer that entered the blockchain industry after joining a start up in 2015. In just the past 3 years he has forked the bitcoin source code, developed a web wallet, and made customization to improve performance. As an outsourced developer he also built an API to abstract the underlying smart contract interaction on Ethereum for a crowd funding platform. Currently he develops blockchain related features for COBINHOOD.

Hao Chang

Senior Blockchain Developer

Hao began his career as an iOS developer, and later switched to backend engineer, focusing on multithreading server applications. He has been the core backend developer of COBINHOOD Exchange, leading in the field of system design, system implementation and blockchain integration.

Bojie Wu

Senior Blockchain Developer

Bojie has over 4 years of experience building enterprise level back end systems and payment system concatenation. Bojie excels at performance tuning, high throughput, and high-concurrency processing. His past work for the COBINHOOD cryptocurrency exchange includes the overall design of the system structure, assessment of data flow feasibility, and implementation.

Mission Liao

Senior Back End Developer

Mission is a software engineer dedicated to creating software that pushes society toward decentralization. In his 10+ years in the software industry he has built leading media player and security platform products for top companies like Cyberlink and TrendMicro. He also loves the open source community and philosophy to which he has himself contributed many tools of his own creation for free.

Misora Hsu

Senior Back End Developer

Misora is a full stack engineer and software architect with 6+ years of experience in network switching, live streaming, web applications, and cloud service development. Misora joined the DEXON team because he believes blockchain technology will soon change the world and he wants to help make this vision a reality.


Jim Huang

Advisor of Compiler and VM

Participating in system software programming for more than 20 years, Jim specialized in virtual machine and compiler design applied for industrial real-time systems. In additional to get involved in major open source projects such as AOSP and LXDE, he joined National Cheng Kung University as an Assistant Professor. He served as the technical advisor of MediaTek, Foxconn, and Delta Electronics.

Aditya Mishra

Advisor of Investor Relationship Management

Aditya Co-Founded ZPX(www.zenprivex.com), a Singapore based company which is an investor and creator of blockchain and crypto assets such as www.108token.com & www.zenrelay.io. He has personally invested in a number of early-stage technology startups & also has some exposure in Uber, SpaceX along with a number of crypto networks. Previously, Aditya was a Director at Odyssey Research Advisory and Founded a startup aiming to disrupt Corporate Social Responsibility using technology. He spends 6 months in MENA & Asia while building out relevant blockchain related networks in San Francisco & New York for the remainder of the year. He holds a BSc in ECE from Georgia Institute of Technology and an entrepreneurship certification from The Graduate School of Business at Stanford. He actively speaks at various blockchain & crypto events globally.



Publish DEXON consensus algorithm, simulation results, DEXON consensus engine SDK and PoC.

Host DEXON developer meetups across USA, Asia, and Europe.


Launch DEXON testnet and DEXON explorer.

Host DEXON DApps hackathons and developer meetups across USA, Asia, and Europe.

Acquire DApps partners from existing blockchain systems and incubate new DApps.

Establish strategic partnerships by providing blockchain solutions to companies.


DEXON (DXN) Public Sale.

Launch DEXON DApp Incentive Program.

Incubate industry cooperation through DEXON Capital and DEXON Lab.


Launch DEXON mainnet and DEXON wallet.

Launch Teleport (cross-chain bridging); supporting BTC, ETH, and EOS.

Launch DEXON DApp Store.

List DXN on COBINHOOD Exchange.

Publish DEXON consensus algorithm, simulation results, DEXON consensus engine SDK and PoC.

Host DEXON developer meetups across USA, Asia, and Europe.